We look to improve our world. To create sustainably in practice and behaviour, with a clear understanding of the impact our creations have on humans and the environment. Clothing production has a wide-reaching impact on the planet, and it is our role to minimise harm and maximise beauty. 

Ethical Production

Restoring dignity and hope to women rescued from trafficking, and other vulnerable workers by partnering with Avodah Global.

Quality Assurance

We build our clothing to last. Astille pieces are made from the finest natural fabrics so they can be loved for many years as a staple piece in the wardrobe.

Reduced Impact

 By exercising respect for our environment and production partners, we are actively working towards being a more conscious business.

Astille believes in the guiding principles of responsibility, continuous process improvement, and embarkation on a journey towards circularity. 


Sustainability Principles

At our heart is ethical manufacturing, working closely with Avodah Global who restore dignity and hope to women rescued from trafficking, and other vulnerable workers.

11.7 m people have been trafficked globally. 71% of these are women. It’s hard to imagine how we as individuals can address such a large and intractable problem. But the power lies in our wallets. We can deliver body blows to exploitative industries by shopping ethically and supporting brands and companies that care about their workers.

Avodah Global provides sex trafficking survivors and other at risk and vulnerable women in Cambodia with training, support and safe employment in our sustainable and ethical clothes manufacturing centre in Phnom Penh. 80% of their workers came from below the poverty line prior to employment. 

Avodah is not just employing vulnerable workers, they are doing it through a business model aimed at disrupting exploitative global manufacturing where thousands of workers are forced into an unsafe, overcrowded workplace to mass produce low quality garments, worn for a season and tossed. Instead, they are creating a network of small family friendly sewing hubs producing quality sustainable garments. The hubs support teams of outworkers sewing from home in neighbouring communities.

What we wear matters. Not just what it is made of. But how it was made and who made it.

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