Astille, inspired by European elegance, classic design and a desire to consciously create stories, not just clothing. Born from the belief that every woman deserves to wear her story as elegantly as her favourite dress, Astille crafts pieces that blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe, creating a timeless, vintage-inspired and personality-fuelled capsule. 

Each piece has been delicately crafted with impeccable tailoring and the highest quality materials, resulting in pieces that will effortlessly transcend trends and become wardrobe staples through the seasons. 

Astille is an eclectic collection of stylish silhouettes designed for women who celebrate the freedom of identity.

We aspire to offer pieces that you can't live without. Maybe you can, but do you really want to?

All women are beautiful regardless of their age. Astille celebrates elegance. The French aesthetic is what we do best, the non formulaic approach to dressing, the individual touch, the piece you put on and you feel so much more confident and buoyant.

Sallyanne Astill

I wanted to inspire women to wear prints and experiment – to feel the joy of everyday dressing, in classically styled pieces with a talking point. It’s about quiet confidence and a sense of fun.

Sallyanne Astill

We don’t follow trends nor do we mass produce. We craft well considered pieces in bespoke collections offering classic styling with a contemporary edge of elegance. Yesteryear Paris meets modern day a là mode.

Sallyanne Astill

Sallyanne Astill

Sallyanne is the press-shy designer behind the Astille brand. She possesses a sharp eye for the refined yet sensual clothing that exemplifies French chic.

In 2016, after a year-long sabbatical from a twenty-five year career in computer science, Sallyanne pivoted from the technology industry into fashion, creating a capsule collection that would launch her eponymous label. 

Sallyanne was inspired by the Parisian way of life and the symbolism of the architecture, further observing French women and their calm elegance. They possessed a natural poise and resistance to conformity that Sallyanne admired, causing her to realise the way these classic women have dictated fashion trends for decades. Seeing dressing as a way of life, and an avenue for self expression, Sallyanne was inspired to stay true to her passion—design. 

After graduating from Torrens University, Sallyanne landed a studio placement at a Brisbane fashion design and marketing company, and with that decided to start her own business. "The timing was just right, " she says, "nobody was really doing French inspired contemporary Australian style, it was perfect”. 

Perfect, it is.