Astille is a high-end womenswear label for women who embrace tailoring and confidence. The label seamlessly blends with customer's existing pieces to create looks that are vintage-inspired and personality-fuelled and with a European edge. Each piece exhibits the consistent voice, impeccable tailoring and high quality materials, presented in innovative ways that move effortlessly with the times.

About the Designer

Sallyanne Astill is the press-shy designer behind the ASTILLE brand. She possesses a sharp eye for the kind of casual but sexy clothing that best exemplifies French chic.

In 2016, after a year long sabbatical from a 25 year long career in computer science, Sallyanne pivoted from tech to fashion to create a capsule collection that would launch her eponymous label. Her inspiration and drive has always come from France. Sallyanne was inspired by the Parisian way of life and the symbolism of the architecture – further observing French women, so elegant without trying, no falseness, natural poise and the need to be themselves on nobody else’s terms. Sallyanne came to realise how they have dictated fashion trends for years. She began to understand how dressing was a way of life and a way of communicating who they are. This was the nonchalant inspiration Sallyanne needed to feel empowered about staying true to herself and washed away career sensitivity.

After graduating from Torrens University, Sallyanne landed a studio placement at The New Garde a leading fashion design and marketing company, and with that decided to start her own business. "The timing was just right, " she says, "because nobody my age was really doing French inspired contemporary Australian style. – to which has more of a utilitarian feel.

Within a year, she had launched her range through a debut trunk show, showed on the MBFF runway and is currently stocked in Uncommon Store in Fortitude Valley.


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